12 comments on “Out Of The Fox Hole And Into The Frying Pan, A Story of Why I Left The LDS Church

  1. I know that sharing this story, letting my voice be heard I risk persecution, loss of friends and family, but I would gladly give this all up to follow Jesus because I know it will all be returned to me.
    Matthew 19:29
    And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

  2. Another person who never understands and judges the church by mormon culture not by its doctrine, always thinking about how others effect himself, feels everyone of the church needs to be perfect to him. I know LDS people do ridiculous things but learn to take it as a grain of salt, see that they are just at fault for being mad at you for your sins as they are for their overreactions. You would understand that by reading the scriptures. People do this and that accordingly to their traditions/culture but live your life by the scriptures, not how people of the faith are. Other churches are just as bad. I am a convert to the LDS church from the Episcopal Church, the members of the that church do the same judgments on members if they don’t adhere to the commandments or culture, like my uncle marrying a Catholic. I notice about all the ex-mormons leave the church because of someone else, thinking they will be judge for their sins by others, etc. It does happen but by golly its about Jesus Christ. He is the One who decides upon YOUR actions towards living the gospel. I do believe that people need to find peace, happiness in what they do. If you can’t stand it in the LDS church because of the mormon culture than I feel sorry for you because you never really tried to find Christ. No hard feelings towards arguing but look of what this church preaches about what Christ does for us and what other church say what Christ does for us. All I hear from 7th day, baptists, non-Denom, etc is that Christ died for our sins and they shout that at the top of their lungs. By golly that is true, Amen to that. But there is so much more than He died for our sins. I believe that we are saved by grace and mormons somehow get that confused. Grace through JC saves us no doubt but we show the acceptance of grace through our works. We shouldn’t do works unless we have a reason to show to God we accept his grace.

    • I do in fact judge it by its doctrine thanks a lot, I do live my life today by the bible, the word of God I follow Jesus I accept Him, he is my savior. pretty simple stuff, for a pretty simple request. as for this statement ” If you can’t stand it in the LDS church because of the mormon culture than I feel sorry for you because you never really tried to find Christ.” I have found Christ, I did not have him until i was almost 25 much of that time wasted because the church and its doctrine is not Christ centered. A lot more time wasted because I was not raised to care about God.
      Yes other churches have issue, that’s why I did not run to Catholicism, the religion my wife’s family prefers. I ran to the Bible.
      It honestly seems to me that either you did not read this entire blog or you failed to grasp the context or something, because I dutifully existed inside the church for a while, I attended seminary, studied and prayed often , and once again, during the entire time I was active never once received any testimony to the truth of the church, its way, or its people. After searching as an adult I did find truth In the Bible and Jesus, I listened to His promptings, and as stated before it saved my marriage and possibly my wife’s life. So don’t insult me by saying that those that are outside the LDS church have not tried to find God. I have tried and succeeded!

    • I would challenge you to visit this web page Mr Low. it addresses both sides of arguments for and against Mormonism with excruciating detail. I have not yet finished reading all the arguments so that I may better enlighten my friends and family, but no argument for the religion has really ever swayed me.

  3. John 1

    King James Version (KJV)

    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…

    Some food for thought concerning the duality of Jesus/God and why to me, from a biblical standpoint Jesus and God could not have stood side by side as separate entities in front of Joseph Smith.

  4. You obviously never paid attention when you did go to church. It clearly says who they both are and that they are separate entities of glory. You can’t believe just the parts you choose to believe. It is an all or nothing thing. If the first thing is true, then so must the second, and the third, and so on until the end. The religion is to be learned and accepted one step at a time and as a whole, not just the areas you want to know about and forget the rest.

    • And if one part is false, If one piece of doctrine was altered by man to fit his own needs, then it all falls on its face as well. For example the book of Abraham, a book born completely of a lie. Proof that Smith did not have divine powers of translation. The papyri he used was lost, and fortunately rediscovered in the 60’s, and has been translated by many, who agree, it is just a funeral text and has nothing to do with the story spun by Joseph Smith.


      • Your websites of “prove” are not legitimate sources because they are made by people like you that put opinion and not facts.

      • Really? You are going to tell me that Wikipedia is smarter than actual first hand experience. I can make a Wikipedia page saying Earth is a figment of our imaginations and really we are in some other galaxy being preserved in a state of being asleep, waiting for a war to break out and for our true leaders to wake us and join the cause. And I bet you would believe that to…. because it is on Wikipedia. And the other is a pissed off person like you that left the church because they didn’t agree with it. This is not actual proof of anything you have stated.

      • Perhaps this is up to your snuff then, I realize the issues that wiki have, but even the church has recognized that the texts may not have been directly translated. I do believe wiki on this one.
        Spend a week or so poring through the information on that page. It provides you the for and against arguments, with excruciating detail.

      • To make a larger general point, why would any one want to be a member of a church who attacks non members so angrily? For a group of people who elevate themselves above all else, you really seem bent on attacking me instead of defending yourself, or doing what your religion really says you should be doing, trying to bring me back to the fold……

  5. I knight thee, dijointed wall of text flowing from Mr. Low’s lowly nether regions, for impressive service in the art of rambling about Western topics solved hundreds of years before some mad hatter made a goal to start a new religion.


    The candor. The pouring out of one’s soul. The anecdotes. You, sir, payed attention at ‘temple’ or ‘church’ or whatever you call those fallen, Morman houses of “worship”. It reminds me of Tal Bachman.

    Yet another honest man finds out that there are many false prophets. Keep in mind that for many hundreds of years, Muslims told Christians that Mohammad was a Christian prophet making a minor split away from the Church.

    You seek a greater reward when you confess your sins so that you can part with them, never to return. But the ruler of this world will wring his impotent hands and send his minions to mock and ridicule you the closer you get to freeing yourself from his grasp. The timing of this is never an accident.

    Read the scriptures. Follow Christ’s commandments. Follow in the footsteps of his Apostles. Love does not just set you free. It raises you away from the sins and apostasy that would otherwise overwhelm you.

    You are outgrowing yourself and what you used to be, what you background would have tried to make you. It is painful, but it is beautiful. I know it when I see it. It can only come from the Spirit. Every Christian that has has accepted Jesus has felt it.

    PS. Nice journalism on your political articles. That’s the stuff everyone’s too scared to say…

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